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Partnering with business experts to unlock their clients' potential
for business breakthroughs.

Are you tired of seeing your clients struggle with self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold them back from achieving their full potential?

As an award-winning mindset mentor, I specialise in partnering with business experts like you to not only unlock your clients' potential for business breakthroughs, but also to address and transform their mindset, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

By helping your clients overcome these obstacles, you can empower them to achieve their business goals with confidence and clarity.

Let's work together to create a transformational coaching experience for your clients and help them achieve the success they deserve.

Let's make a lasting impact on their business and mindset!

Ready to Level Up Your Clients' Business Success?

Let's Chat About Partnering In Transformational Coaching!

Elevate Your Clients' Business Success!

Are you ready to take your coaching programs or services to the next level?

Partner with me for transformational coaching that unlocks potential, overcomes limiting beliefs, and achieves breakthrough results.

Let's discuss how we can collaborate to empower your clients and amplify the impact of your coaching programs or services.

Schedule a conversation with me today and let's explore the possibilities of working together!


Has this ever happened to you? Picture this...

You are right in the middle of a session coaching a client on zoom and you know it's going really well. You have an incredible session making massive progress, you finish up with some key actions they are going to do before your session next month. They are gonna hit their scary goals when they complete them, the energy is electric and exciting.

You checking with your regular accountability message knowing they are hard at work working on their success.

And a week goes by with nothing. 

No response at all.. crickets.

You send another email letting them know you're her, ready to support them with anything they need to realise their goal.

A couple of weeks fly by with your other activities and your client doesn’t show up for their scheduled meeting.

You start to feel a sense of worry, not sure how to encourage them to keep moving forward, when they aren't answering your messages. They are so close to cracking your code!

You also feel responsible as intuitively you start to sense something is holding them back, you remember something they said in your initial strategy session about their self worth... but don’t know how to shift things for them when they won't respond to you, so that they can get the outcome you both planned for together.

You chase, and follow up, but it's like they've dumped you after a bad date!

This is where I come in. I've been told I'm like the secret weapon for business coaches.

I work along side you and at this moment can help your client with my award winning belief hacking process. 

This will help them break through whatever they are dealing with so they can get back to working with you faster, empowered ready to take on their ambitions... and the world again.

I love nothing more than partnering with wildly successful business coaches and working along side them for the greater good.

As I see it when you have 2 people committed to being of service and the growth of another, magic happens.

If this sounds like you. Let's talk. I’d love to support you AND your clients.

I Want To Focus On My Business Strategies & Get Help With The Mindset Of My Clients!

I'm going to make an assumption... you got into your business to help people with their marketing, strategy and business aspects...

not to get into the weeds, mess and muck

of your clients subconscious?

I've heard this So Many Times!

and I'm the same, only in reverse...

I definitely didn't start my coaching and healing practice

so I could work on all the business and marketing stuff!

So this is my solution for us both,
how about we both stay within our field of expertise

and do the work that fulfils us.

In other words I'll let you focus on what you love doing,

by taking all the mindset and subconscious stuff off your to-do list!

  • Enhanced Program Offering

    By incorporating mindset mentorship into your coaching packages, you will enhance the value and effectiveness of your services. Providing a holistic approach to personal and professional development in 1 program is often a highly desired option.

  • Additional Revenue Stream

    My mindset services can serve as an additional revenue stream for your business. You can charge a premium for incorporating advanced mindset techniques and strategies into your coaching packages. You could also upsell it as an add-on service to your existing clients, generating additional income for you and increased customer satisfaction and results.

  • Streamlined Solution

    You offer a comprehensive solution to their clients without having to develop their your mindset program from scratch. This saves you time, effort, and resources, as you can leverage my expertise to deliver a higher-quality service to your clients.

    • Conscious Credibility

      Your clients will develop further trust and confidence in your position in the marketplace. Knowing that their coach is open to and has partnered with an award-winning mentor enhance their opinion and value of you.

    • Discounted Access for Clients

      Your arrangement could be an exclusive offer of discounted access to my mindset tools, creating a highly attractive incentive for your clients to uplevel their performance from your strategies.

      This can result in higher client engagement and retention as well as higher quality testimonials for their results and further referrals for your own services.

    • Seamless Integration of Mindset Mentoring

      By incorporating my mindset mentorship program into your coaching package, your clients can enjoy a seamless integration of mindset mentoring into their endeavours with you.

      This can provide them with a more cohesive and holistic experience, with their business goals and actions all coheisvely being met.

    As a business coach with a proven expertise in mindset mentoring, partnering with me can offer you a range of benefits.

    By incorporating my mindset mentorship program into your coaching packages, you can enhance the value and effectiveness of your coaching services, while saving time and resources.

    Your clients can benefit from a holistic approach to personal and professional development, including award-winning tools and techniques for mindset transformation.

    Additionally, I offer flexibility in partnership options, including referral partnerships, white labelling partnerships, and co-creation partnerships, allowing you to customise the arrangement to your business needs.

    With discounted access for your clients and a finders fee for direct referrals, partnering with me can create a win-win situation, providing you with an additional revenue stream and incentivising client engagement.

    Health Activation

    White Labelling

    I offer a digital mindset program which you could co-brand and resell as part of your program.

    You could pay a flat fee for the rights to use the program in a co-brand manner, and then charge their clients an additional fee for access the mindset program. This would allow you to provide a comprehensive coaching package that includes both your coaching expertise and the mindset mentoring, without having to develop your own program from scratch.

    A second strategy could be paying for a user license agreement for a determined period of time.

    Wealth Activation

    Co-Created Program

    I could collaborate with you to co-create a unique coaching program that combines your coaching expertise, trainings and outcomes with my mindset solutions.

    This jointly developed exclusive program could be offered to your clients as a premium package.

    We could then share the revenue from the sales of the program or I could charge a flat fee for my contribution to the development and delivery of the program.

    Abundance Program


    You could refer your clients to me for an 'exclusive' mindset program as part of their coaching program.

    By incorporating my mindset program into your existing coaching packages it could be sold as an upsell whilst positioning you as an authority that has strategic partnerships.

    In return, I offer your business referral fee or a finders fee for each client you refer.


    We would carefully define the terms of our financial partnerships, including payment structures, responsibilities, and expectations, to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful collaboration.

    Legal and financial advice may be necessary to formalise any partnership and protect the interests of all parties involved.

    Beck Smith

    Pink Jacket Mastermind

    Beck Smith

    Extraordinary Results For Your Program

    Partnering with Mell B has been a transformative experience, yielding extraordinary results for my clients. Her ability to support my other subject experts while addressing my clients' specific blocks and limitations is truly remarkable. As the mindset mentor for my entire coach program, she serves as the glue, coordinating and creating the foundation for success for all involved.

    Mell B's unique approach positions the other mentors as experts while providing unwavering support to my clients in overcoming their limiting obstacles. Her holistic perspective ensure a harmonious environment that brings out the best in everyone.

    Her collaboration and skills go beyond individual coaching sessions. Mell B's role as the program's mindset mentor elevates the overall program, creating an atmosphere of excellence and posibility. 

    working with Mell is a pleasure. Her effective strategy and support bring extraordinary results to both my clients and the mentors. With Mell B on board, I know I can consistently expect a comprehensive, approach to the outcomes.

    If you are seeking a mindset mentor to harmoniously work within your coach program, Mell B is the perfect choice. Her attitude and rofessionalism sets her apart, making her an invaluable asset to any program, project or event.

    A Bit About Me (Mell B)

    As a seasoned mindset mentor with a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, I am dedicated to helping clients achieve extraordinary success.

    With 7+ years of experience in the industry, I specialise in quantum coaching and energy healing that unlocks true potential, overcomes limiting beliefs, and facilitates breakthrough results.

    Hi! I'm Mell B, a self-declared Empath-Preneur. I'm an award winning Transformational Coach and Quantum Healer who’s been named one of the Top 10 Healers in the world by 'The Energy Healing Magazine' and recognised as a Top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia by Yahoo Global and winner of the International Coach Of The Year award from SMJ Coaching Institute in 2022.

    My approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods, as I recognise the critical role mindset and self-limiting behaviors play in business success. I am highly skilled at identifying and addressing these obstacles head-on, equipping my clients with the tools and strategies needed to overcome challenges so they can amplify their strengths, and achieve their goals with confidence and clarity.

    Collaboration is at the heart of my coaching philosophy, and I believe in working closely with fellow business experts like you to amplify the impact of your coaching programs and services. Together, we can empower your clients to unlock unparalleled success.

    If you're interesting in elevating your coaching services let's connect and discuss your business ambitions. Schedule a conversation with me today to make more impact together!


    Secret Weapon For Clients

    As a mentor and coach, I've learned that you don't have to be a master of everything. Instead, focus on your area of expertise and surround yourself with people who excel in other areas.

    If you're seeking new ways to help your clients achieve their peak potential, I highly recommend collaborating with Mell B. I've worked with many energy healers, coaches, and mindset experts, and Mell is like a secret weapon in helping clients overcome obstacles and deal with hidden subconscious beliefs that may be hindering their progress.

    Mell helped me shift my stubborn mindset and take swift action on something I'd been procrastinating on for along time. Working with her was an absolute delight. She has an incredible attitude and provides invaluable support that goes beyond words.

    If you're seeking a coaching partner, I strongly suggest taking the opportunity to work with Mell and find out for yourself her incredible gifts.

    Rachael Dunn

    Girl Director

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